Keeping children safe from harm

As parents, we can relate to feeling tested, at times, to the limits of our parenting ability.

Sometimes we can feel out of control. In other situations, we can have personal problems that stop us from caring for our children. This can result in children being abused or neglected. These are difficult subjects to talk about, but sadly, the problems of child abuse and neglect are not uncommon. These problems affect children and families from all backgrounds, and occur for many different reasons.

Experiences of child abuse and neglect can have devastating consequences for children and young people including severe emotional, social and psychological problems.

Child abuse can cause poor self esteem, learning difficulties and behaviour problems in children.

Children have a right to be safe and protected.

As parents, your responsibility is to recognise when you need help before the harm happens.

If you feel you may hurt, or have hurt your child, it is important that you seek immediate assistance.

STOP what you are doing.

THINK about how your child and you are affected by what is happening.

DO something to change things.

GET SUPPORT to make the changes.

Seeking support and assistance can take courage. Taking this step, however, is critical for you and your child.

Seeking support and assistance reflects:

  • your love for your child
  • your ability to appreciate there is a problem
  • your desire for things to be different for your family
  • your commitment to working towards changing things for the better.
Keeping children safe from harm
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